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Jure Bajt

Tech lead and full stack web engineer deeply in love with front-end development.

More than 8 years of professional software engineering experience during which I've grown from a junior software developer to a tech lead, mentor and a key architect on software development projects.


Front-end development

  • I have extensive experience with development of web applications. I've led teams and helped build complex web applications from the ground up as well as inherited large legacy SPAs and improved them piece by piece while making sure they continue to work undisturbed in production, with new features added to them continuously.
  • Because of my broad knowledge of front-end development and good software engineering practices, I've been able to greatly improve the quality of (front-end) code and architecture in teams I've worked with. This led me to the front-end lead role at Zemanta and later tech lead role at 13|37.
  • I consider myself to be quite good in JavaScript/TypeScript, RxJs, CSS (Sass, Less etc.) and HTML. I really try to use these technologies in a way to build robust and scalable front-end applications. I also know Webpack and Babel pretty well and have set up many build pipelines using them - most notably a custom Webpack build pipeline for a hybrid AngularJS + Angular application supporting multiple themes (client branding).
  • Although I'm most proficient with React and Angular, my good understanding of how internet/ browsers work, my knowledge of component based architecture and different ways of state management enable me to quickly pick up any development stack and be productive with it.
  • I'm passionate about delivering good UX and I really enjoy crafting UIs that "make sense" and look good.
  • I strive to follow best practices for creating responsive and accessible web apps. I explored these topics in my diploma thesis and got a lot of practice from creating more than 20 different designs for web shops built on DRAGON Ticketing platform earlier in my career.
  • Some interesting/complex widgets I've implemented include:
    • A custom table component capable of rendering huge datasets (via virtual scroll) with support for multiple data types, multi-level collapsable rows, inline editing etc. [screenshot]
    • Interactive venue seat selection widget used for buying event tickets at mojekarte.si. [screenshot]

APIs and back-end development

  • Some of the technologies I've used on a daily basis to build application back-ends and APIs include:
    • Node.js + Express, Python + Django, Java/Kotlin + Spring framework, Firebase
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firestore, BigQuery
    • GCP and AWS clouds (streaming solutions, FaaS, storage buckets etc.)
    • GraphQL

Developer experience, monitoring and CI/CD pipelines

  • I have good knowledge of Docker and have used it to setup local and deployed environments. I also have some experience with Terraform to manage infrastructure as code.
  • I've setup a few fairly complex CI/CD pipelines (e.g. using Jenkins or GitHub Actions).
  • I've helped with setting up monitoring and alerting using Google Cloud Operations (Stackdriver), Grafana and Sentry.

My other skills and facts about me

  • Throughout my career I've took ownership of and delivered many product features. This included not only the design and implementation work, but also a lot of collaboration with product owners, users, UX specialists, engineers, data analysts and other stakeholders to make sure the right solution gets implemented for a specific end-user need.
  • As a team/tech lead I believe in trusting my teammates to develop solutions in an empowered manner (no micromanaging), offering support when needed and helping steering development processes to increase team effectiveness and sense of ownership.
  • I've done a lot of mentoring and knowledge sharing (which I love to do!), be it in the form of in-depth design and code reviews, workshops for my teams, articles and many answered comments (e.g. articles about state management or scalable web app architecture) or talks at JS meetups.
  • I've been a valuable contributor to hiring process design at both 13|37 and Zemanta and have interviewed more than 30 candidates in technical interviews over the past 3 years.
  • I don't like to do things half-assed 🧐
  • I'm highly organized and self-motivated.
  • I like to constantly be learning something new, reading a bunch of books and keeping up to date with developments in IT industry and web development.
  • I've worked in remote work arrangements for the past 3 years and I'm used to async communication.


Open source

  • rxjs-observable-store - an open-sourced state management solution implemented using RxJs to mimic Redux architecture.


Giving back to the community

Relevant work experience

13|37 (Jan 2020 - Present)

Lead consultant (Tech lead/System architect at an undisclosed multinational retailer), front-end ninja, mentor

Zemanta, an Outbrain company (Mar 2016 - Jan 2020)

Full stack web engineer, front-end lead, mentor

Programski atelje A&Z d.o.o. (Feb 2014 - Feb 2016)

Celtra, Inc. (May 2014 - Sep 2014)

Student internship
Using creativity to gain practical knowledge: Automated testing of web applications UIs


Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana (2010 - 2016)

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer and information science

Ć kofijska gimnazija Vipava (2006 - 2010)

General high school diploma